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"The Society" was an Immersive, Escape Experience that took place over Summer 2022 in the basement bar of the Nayland Rock Hotel in Margate. As well as physically being at the Nayland Rock it was also narratively set there, taking advantage of the almost derelict nature of a once grand but now decaying seaside hotel. Beginning by being let in through an old fire exit by a security guard, the experience took participants on a journey through 5 different spaces. Some in pitch black, some springing into life as an 80's dance floor before culminating in a hidden secret room and a frantic dash to escape before forces unseen broke into the bar.

Along the way players solved multiple puzzles built into the fabric of the old room - pulling beer pumps, opening up the skirting boards, manipulating a cigarette machine across the wall whilst a narrative of family betrayal, love and gangland violence played out alongside them.

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