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Watchers is a 25 minute Audio Experience for 2 people. You will both need to be in the same room, sat opposite each other at a table, each with a smart phone, tablet or laptop and a pair of headphones. 

On purchase an email will be sent to both participants with a single use code in it.

It is very important you only use this code to access the experience when you are both ready.

Watchers contains strong language and adult themes, recommended for ages 15 and over.

Price : £10 for 2 people | Duration : Approximately 25 mins.

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You have applied for the role of a "Watcher" at Vita Strategic Services - an exclusive, private Healthcare, Security and Fire Prevention Service Provider. VSS utilise a cutting edge AI system to evaluate and respond to situations through a network of cameras and microphones. A "Watcher" provides occasional support to the VSS AI system, giving some valuable human input on the rare occasions that the AI encounters an incident it is unfamiliar with.


All candidates are required to undergo the recruitment process in pairs - VSS find a competitive edge helps to focus the minds of prospective "Watchers".

You'll need to log on to the VSS Interview Portal with your co-candidate and make choices based on what you hear. 


Remember, It's a simple job...


... as long as you adhere to the VSS charter at all times.

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